Why a Custom Fitted Bra?

Did you know that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?

For most women, though, finding the “right fitting” bra is only half the battle…
The other half is finding a bra that truly does what our breasts & shoulders need it to do.

Most bras are just covers, this is a BRA!

So how does it work?

The Triangle holds the breast tissue forward, promoting healthier circulation, as nature intended.

The Banderin® supports the breast from underneath, relieving neck, back, and shoulder strain and pain.

If you have heard of the Pennyrich, Cameo, Figurettes, Colesce, Jeunique, Norvell and Leunique; this is the bra.

Bra Riding Up Your Back?
Deep Grooves in Your Shoulders?
Pendulous Breasts?
Neck, Back or Shoulder Pain?
Do You Have Back Fat?

We Can Help!

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