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610 – Medium Leg Panty Control Black

Fashion Figure Control (FFC)

Our fashion figure control garment gives you a great look-no matter what view. The FFC is so light that you won’t even be conscious of wearing it, but you’ll definitely want to!

Personalized Measuring and Fitting:
For all custom fitted bras, FFC, and other garments, our Body Fashion Consultants have undergone training and are uniquely qualified to find the right fit for you. Please contact us for the perfect fit.

**All garments are priced according to size and leg length.

Special Features

  • Brings in abdomen without muffin top
  • Brings in saddle backs for a clean smooth line
  • 180% stretch in leg which results in no lines or bulges under pants
  • Rubberized backing, no rolling or creeping when fit properly
  • Ability to lift the buttocks if desired
  • Relieves pressure from lower back



Special Features

  • Breathable waist trimmer
  • Slims your figure
  • Helps support the mid back

Pregnancy Support

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Pendulous Breasts?   Neck, Back or Shoulder Pain?
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