Boost your Performance and Improve Recovery Time with FIRMA Energywear™!

What is FIRMA Energywear™?

FIRMA Energywear™ is an exciting, breakthrough line of activewear that makes you feel better AND look great! Each piece of FIRMA Energywear™ features patented ‘smart fabric’ technology. Our unique blend of polyamide fabric has a perfectly balanced mixture of biocrystals, bio ceramics, and minerals built directly into the yarn, providing benefits that will never wear out or wash away.

This proprietary combination of biocrystals, bio ceramic and minerals has been fine-tuned to react to a user’s body heat (98.6 °F), “capture it” and, in-turn, convert and reflect it back into the body in the form of therapeutic far-infrared energy (5-10µm). This particular, therapeutic range of far-infrared energy provides the wearer with a plethora of beneficial effects, including improved circulation and enhanced thermoregulation.


How Does FIRMA Energywear™ Work?

The key to FIRMA’s clinically-proven health benefits lies in our innovative “intelligent fabric” technology. By harnessing the natural powers of biocrystals, bio ceramics and minerals, FIRMA Energywear™ is able to convert your body heat and reflect it back into your body via therapeutic-level far-infrared energy (FIR).

FIRMA Energywear™ is an outstanding, all-natural performance enhancer. It’s active biocrystals reflect and regulate your body heat, helping you feel cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold temperatures, while simultaneously stimulating microcirculation and increasing vasodilation.

This increase in microcirculation helps keep your body’s tissue active, even during sustained periods of inactivity. This far-infrared energy, that is emitted back into the wearer’s body, has been proven to encourage muscle tissues to transport and synthesize lactic acid more quickly, leading to improved tissue health, expedited recovery time of sore muscles and reduced muscle fatigue.



FIRMA Energywear™ – Where Health Meets Fashion

Not only does FIRMA Energywear™ boost muscle performance and speed-up recovery time, the improvement in microcirculation also provides major benefits to your skin and general wellness.

During a study in which subjects wore FIRMA Energywear™ clothing for at least 6 hours a day, for 30 days, the average participant lost between 2-5” in measurement! Clinical trials of FIRMA Energywear™ have also shown significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite, increased collagen synthesis and improved skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity as a result of continuous wear.

FIRMA Energywear™ is truly like wearing a “Miracle on Your Skin”! By combining its naturally luxurious feel and sleek sheen with medical-grade compression technology, our exclusive Polyamide 6.6 fabric helps you feel better, hone your shape and look great doing it!


Mid Sleeve V-Neck · Invisible Tank · Long Sleeve Mock Neck
Firma Sizes
HeightUp to 5'7"5'2"-5'9"5'4"-6'0"5'4"-6'+5'4"-6'+
Weight (lbs)100-125120-145140-180170-205180
Compare to4-68-1012-1416-1818+


Hi Rise Leggins · Capri Leggins
Firma Sizes
Height4'8"-5'4"Up to 5'7"5'2"-5'9"5'4"-6'0"5'4"-6'+5'4"-6'+
Weight (lbs)up to 110100-125120-145140-180170-205200+
Compare to0-24-68-1012-1416-1820+


Sock and Band Sizing Chart
Wrist BandWrist Circumference
Elbow / Arm SleeveBicep Circ. 5" from elbow
Knee BandThigh Circ. 5" above knee
Ankle BandAnkle Circumference
Long Socks
Shoe Size
height< 5'7"



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